Our current courses/workshops

Bootcamp with competition focus2 Apr10:00 – 17:00Umeå FH
Beginner weekend9 – 10 Apr10:00 – 15:00Umeå FH
Fortsättningskurs12 Apr – 24 May18:00 – 19:00Umeå FH
Teknikkurs12 Apr – 24 May20:15 – 21:15Umeå FH

Our workshops

29 Mar20:15 – 21:15Umeå FH
5 Apr20:15 – 21:15Umeå FH

You can register through our registration system at

Our levels

A tryout session is perfect for those who want to check out West Coast Swing before signing up for a course. We’re going over the essentials of West Coast Swing and teach you some of the basics. We’re not going into technical details but get you up to speed so that you start dancing West Coast Swing at a social dance.


In the beginner course, we cover the basics of West Coast Swing from the start, so no previous experience is needed. We go through the basic patterns: left side pass, under arm turn, sugar push, and whip. You will also learn the starter step, some variations of the basic patterns, and turns.

Level 2

Level 2 is for those who have taken a beginner course in West Coast Swing. You should feel comfortable with the basic patterns (left side pass, under arm turn, sugar push, whip) and know some variations. In Level 2, we cover more variations of the basic patterns, teach some advanced patterns, and go deeper into technique.
We recommend that you take Level 2 at least two times before moving up to Level 3.

Level 3

Level 3 is for those who have taken Level 2 at least two times. The content of Level 3 changes each semester, such that you can take this course many times and still get new material. In Level 3, we cover advanced patterns, work on musicality, and focus on technical details.
This is our highest level of regular classes.


To take the technique course, you should have taken Level 2 at least twice and Level 3 at least 4 times. You should know enough patterns to feel that you want to work primarily on improving your technique, rather than learn new patterns. You should be open to discussing and analysing your dance together with your partner. You should be motivated to focus on technical details and refine your skills that you already have, rather than receiving much new material.
Every lesson has a specific topic and consists of a shorter part where we cover the principals and a longer part where we focus on practicing through repetition.
We rotate partners as usual.

If you’re wondering whether this level is right for you, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our instructors about this. We approve each registration manually to make sure that this is the right level for everyone in the course.


The refresher course is for those who have taken a beginner course or even Level 2 before, but haven’t danced West Coast Swing in a while. We will repeat the basics in a fast pace and bring you back up to speed. After the refresher course, you should be ready to jump back in and continue with Level 2.

Further Information

Student discount

We offer student discounts for weekly courses, but not for the yearly membership, socials, or other events.


To take the weekly courses and to join the practice time on Tuesdays, you have to be a member of WCS Umeå. The membership fee is 100 SEK per calendar year.

Rules regarding payment of courses

When you sign up for a course or event held by West Coast Swing Umeå these are the rules: payment should be made within 10 days after you have been accepted to the course, otherwise we have the right to remove your registration. However, you will not be removed automatically, hence you have to email us if you decide not to take the course and want your registration removed. If you are accepted to the course (not valid for those who are queued), but for some reason can’t attend, you should email us latest 5 days before the course starts and can then get part of the course fee back (150 SEK will be an administrative cost which will not be refunded). You can also chose to have they payment ”saved” if you plan to take a course with us on a later occasion within a year. Then you will not ”lose” the administrative fee. In case of cancellation within less than 5 days before start of the course due to sickness, part of the payment can be refunded.

How to register

  1. Click here to register
  2. A new page opens (
  3. Click on Sign Up and fill in: first name, last name, email address, password, and whether you wish to receive newsletters.
  4. To activate your account, you have to click on the link that is sent tou you by email. Then, you can log in to make registrations.
    To register for weekly courses, you have to register for the current membership fee first (for example “Membership 2020”), then you can continue with the course registration.
  5. Click on the course you would like to register for.
  6. Three alternatives are shown::
    – Single registration – if you are registering without a partner.
    – Start Couple Registration – if you want to register with a partner but your partner has not yet registered.
    – Complete Couple Registration – if you want to register with a partner and your partner has already registered. To complete the couple registration, you need your partner’s regerence number and first name.

Our registration system is automated and will send you a registration confirmation right after your registration. The system will also inform you whether you are accepted to the course, have been put on the waiting list (in case of imbalances leder/follower registration), or if your registration is waiting for your partner to complete a couple registration.
If you pay the course by Swish, you will receive a payment confirmation right after your payment. Otherwise it can take some time before you receive a payment confirmation because we have to register payments manually.
When the payment is registered, you can log in and retrieve your receipt.

We recommend to use Chrome or Firefox for registration.
If you have trouble, you can send us an email to